SilviPak - natural packaging for natural foods

Welcome to SilviPak

Optimizing barrier properties and reducing plastics.

SilviPak is high quality food packaging made from virgin wood fibre.

  • SilviPak is flexible and sturdy and the fibre used has an insulating effect.
  • The fibre does not become hot and can be handled directly from the oven.
  • SilviPak is approved for use for food and is suitable for frozen and chilled food.
  • The packaging items can be sorted with paperboard for recycling and the protective film is easily removed.

SilviPak was developed by one of the world’s leading producers of paper pulp – Rottneros AB.

Silvi means forest in Latin and is the source of raw materials for SilviPak.

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Örjan Brattberg
Product Manager
Phone: +46 270 62200